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Irashaimasu Welcome

Konnichiwa invites you

Konnichiwa has been extensively renovated during the holiday period. Taking the Feng Shui energy into account, the restaurant has undergone a total metamorphosis.

You now not only taste the Japanese atmosphere, you also experience it in the renovated, modern restaurant. The copper, beige and fuchsia pink colors embrace you and make you feel immediately at home.

Would you like to come and experience the atmosphere quickly? We would like to welcome you to our renovated restaurant.

Kelvin and Cass


Teppan yaki is a Japanese cooking style in which food is prepared on a hot, flat iron plate. This is usually done at the table by a chef, who grills, bakes and stir-fries the food with flair. Guests enjoy fresh dishes, often flavored with sauces such as soy sauce, while they watch. It is an interactive and tasteful dining experience.

Click on the teppan yaki tab in our reservation app. Our teppan yaki tables can seat 8 to 10 people. Please keep in mind that you will be sharing it with other groups.

Click on the teppan yaki tab in our reservation app. Our teppan yaki tables can seat 8 to 10 people. Please keep in mind that you will be sharing it with other groups.

Yes, it is advisable to indicate this in advance, at least 48 hours. Then we can prepare for this with our purchasing.

Yes, we work with different sauces, but we do not offer a choice.

We do not have children’s menus. Children can share a menu or order certain dishes in consultation.

We provide catering on location. Please feel free to inquire about our options via

We focus on fine dining. Working with beautiful products and creating beautiful and tasty dishes.

That’s why you won’t find us juggling pepper mills and knives.

We do not have a dress code. But we do like it when our guests experience an evening at Konnichiwa as a special evening.

Teppan Yaki dining lasts an average of 2 hours throughout the evening.

If there are other plans after dinner, they can be adjusted in consultation.

We serve a 3-course menu excl. drinks from 52.00 pp.

We mainly follow the Tokyo style sushi with an extensive American style inside out variants. These are our “Classic Konnichiwa Rolls”.

We are an a la carte restaurant and do not offer all you can eat sushi.a

Our sushi rolls vary between 12.00-18.00 euros per roll.

Yes, we certainly have a range for vegetarians. And to a lesser extent for vegans.

Ask for the chef’s special or order a daily moriawase.

This is desirable, especially if you have allergies.

Yes, we offer much more than just sushi such as tempura, toban, salads, miso soup, kushiyaki etc.

We are open daily from 4:00 PM. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00.

Yes, regarding We are a partner with Uber and Thuisbezorgd for delivery. Orders must be placed through our partners. They schedule the delivery people and are responsible for delivery to your home.

We have a daily supply of fresh fish and vegetable products. Via renowned fish suppliers, who specialize in supplying better sushi restaurants.

Yes, you can do that via our widget, see below right.

We have a number of Signature sushis such as Rocko Shiso Wagyu, Crispy Wagyu, Creamy Crispy Salmon, Mighty Spider, Kushi Beef, Yakitori etc.

Springhaven parking garage, Inter Parking P6, is the closest.

We have a ramp for the step at the entrance. Please note, they are not suitable for electric wheelchairs. In this case, you can count on our assistance.

But our toilets are only accessible by stairs.