My name is Kelvin Wong, as I pronounce W  O  N  G.  I am a restaurant owner in the Netherland. My specialization is Japanese Cuisine. 


I am also chef and I can say , I am a passionate chef, I love to cook , I love to eat and I love to share. So I start with my story; Life of a restaurant owner.


You always hear people saying ; today is just another day. As for me everyday is a different day.


I find myself very philosophical, I dig in everything as deep as I can go. Once someone said we are a lifetime trainee, we learn everyday. I certainly agreed on that, but it is just that not everyone can do that!  Many stopped learning when they start to think they know how to …..


They do not have to urge to upgrade him/her-self anymore so they stopped. May times I have met or worked with these peoples. Those who stays in the same spot as they began. I … really feel sorry for them, cause there’s so much more in life , to learn , to go for and also beside work. 


Like writing a blog. Never thought of doing this, but at some point in life we can better put things on paper so we can move on.?